Cord Cutting

Sometimes we feel like something is tugging or pulling on our energy. We may feel something holding us back or blocking us in some way. In the energetic healing world this is often known as a Cord. The cord is hooked into our energy field - our actual electromagnetic field. Cords may be due to all kinds of everyday occurrences or a traumatic event. 

Good news, there’s a way to remove the cord(s). You can receive relief from energetic healing or therapy. You can work with reiki, crystals, volcanic glass, affirmations and essential oils to help release and cut those cords.

Strengthening your life force by activating and clearing energy through Reiki helps you to gain awareness of thoughts and emotions. Your self-confidence and compassion grow. This can allow you to resolve new and old issues.

You can use black obsidian to gently “comb” through your energetic field around the body. Also, the energy work can be layered with an essential oil for the purpose of cutting cords. Elixirs infused with black obsidian are helpful to release what is stuck in and around your body.

Come on  in for a session. Cord cutting can be combined with any other offerings...chakra balancing, Bars, Reiki or massage.

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