"My daughter has always had bad test anxiety. She had taken the SAT three times and had not done as well as expected, based on her skills and grades. The night before her final SAT she had a Bars Session with Reneé. Her score went up nearly 30 points!"

Ginny Patel

Cherry Hill, NJ

"My sessions with Reneé are the greatest thing for me, an 80 year old woman suffering from Fibromyalgia. I cannot take medicine, so the doctor reccomended getting a massage. I get a massage every two weeks and can hardly wait for my scheduled time. It has allowed me to move more freely and Renee's massage has relieved a lot of pain on the pressure points."

Rosaline Benedict

Cherry Hill, NJ

"Dear Renee - Thank you so much for running my bars yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and our discussion. This morning when I woke is when I first noticed differences. It's hard to describe, but I think the bars session make you more of you. Like nothing is a big deal; it will all get done just the way it should, exactly when it should. I'm really looking forward to your bars class and will see you then if not before. Thanks again."

Love, Rose McDowall

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

"Hello my precious Renee. I have been experiencing interesting shifts of energy through my body for the past few days. Especially yesterday.

It feels like even when there is any kind of situation around me...I feel a higher vibration constantly and my body feels great and calm and myself in a state of bliss and joy mostly all the time...I can also feel differences on the energy and positiveness of people around me!! That is just unbelievable :)

Thanks so much for showing up in my life dear Renee and facilitating my bars development :) I love you <3 <3 <3"

Erika Gutierrez

New Castle, Delaware

Denny Daikeler, Author

"I have been fascinated with energy for as long as I can remember. I was drawn to it intuitively. and tried to understand it, Then I began to experience that it was within me and around me in all of life. I began to use energy in my design work, and write about it. This lifetime focus has been filled with discovery, innovation, and powerful awareness for me.


Then I learned about the Bars at Restoration-You with Renee Robertson, and how it was what you and I can do in this evolution of life. I was ecstatic. More expansion and possibility in the ever evolving Mystery. Such important work!


Now I know the Bars process is yet another energy tool to heal us and free us, ALL of us."


Denny Daikeler

Milford, New Jersey

Author of What Color Is Your Slipcover?, Messages,Flowing With Synchronicity

Randi from West Caldwell, New Jersey:

"My daughter, husband and I were interested in pursuing an Access Bars class after reading about all the wonderful things it provides people. We enjoyed the class, and what we learned from it. We decided to learn about the Bars because all three of us are all healers, especially myself. I wanted to add this to my reportiore of Reiki, Native American Healing, CranioSacral Therapy, and Guided Meditation for my clients. Thanks Renee for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us on our journey."

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