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Products available to create ease in your life:

The BEST fiber product on the market. All of my blood test results greatly improved after using this product for 6 months. Cholesterol and Glucose were perfect compared to needing improvemnt. 

You are able to get a free astrological chart on Chani's website. Use that chart and her book to learn about your 12 houses and how they create the make-up of your life. This book was recommended by a client and I've learned so much more about my chart. Hope you enjoy it too! 

I've owned many filter pitchers. This so far, is the best tasting and cleanest water I've had from a pitcher. It comes with drops to test your chlorine and ph balance. I tested my old pitcher, tap water, and this pitcher. The results were eye opening. I recommend this pitcher/water dispenser.

This toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening is fluoride free and helps your gums stay pink and your teeth white. 

32oz bottle, filled 4 times daily gets you to 128oz of water. This amount of water is great to get vital nutrients to your cells.

This pillow is used by the chiropractors in the office. This is also Dr. Kaleb's pillow of choice at home. I've been using this pillow since November 2021. This is recommended for side sleepers and back sleepers. Your neck can stay in alignment with your spine, so your neck won't ache in the morning.

Cortisol for a restful night sleep, take as directed. This is a game changer, wake up refreshed and happy.

This is the supplement I use to rid my body of worms and parasites from food and the environment:


A few items I've had success with for fighting inflamation:


This is the foam roller I use at my gym 3-5x a week. There are many versions of this. I have a $5.00 roller in my office from 5-Below.

I've had one of these Theracanes since 2013. It is great between massages when I really need to loosen up an area on my back or neck.

How do you keep from being sore from working out? This product doesn't contain sugar or other undesirable ingredients. Great for recovery. This does not give you 'pep' like preworkouts with caffeine do. This is muscle recovery magic. I use this product 3-5x a week during workouts.

Life changer! This audio version of the book can be listened to while driving or at home. The naration voice is the lovely Peter Coyote. 

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