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We will help discover the massage and/or energy process for your optimum health. Our studio is distinguished by the care and attention we invest in custom-tailored programs for our female clients. How can we help you to be your healthiest?

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Massage     60 Minutes      $100.00  
  90 Minutes $145.00
  120 Miinutes $190.00
  30 Minutes $55.00
Migraine Miracle (cold stone therapy) 60 Minutes    $100.00
Bio-Mat & Energy Work (Chakra Balancing with Crystals and/or Reiki, Bars, Energetic Facelift) 60 Minutes $100.00


90 Minutes


Massage & Energy Work 90 Minutes $145.00
  120 Minutes $190.00

Child's Bio-Mat & Bars with Access to Possibility Session

30 Minutes



Massage Sessions Can be One of the following: Swedish (relaxation), Muscle Specific (relieve muscle sorness), Mama-to-Be, Lymphatic, or Chakra Balancing Massage.

Hot Stone Enhancement, Cold Stones, Himalayan Salt Stones, Crystals, Bio-Mat, LED lights and Aromatherapy included in massage session prices!    


Offering of services and prices are subject to change.

Additional services we provide:


Myofascial Release

Migraine Miracle


Raindrop Therapy

Crystal Healing

Energetic Body Therapy


Energy Goddess, Renee...


I am sooooo pleased to be sharing MY positive results with you; I have sooooo much gratitude and appreciation for your 'magical' energy work!!!


From MY Point Of View, you have a wonderful and very attuned connection to energy vibration!


Indeed...you DID quite a 'number on my body' -- I cannot even begin to tell how different I feel or the plethora of different activities that I participated in after I left you!


I wanted to wait until after my day's activities today before I relayed any feedback, I ALWAYS enjoy communing with nature...and today, in particular, it ALL felt eXtra wonderful with me feeling soooo much better!!! : )


The PAIN...in my lower right side has NOT vanished, though it's NOT 'screaming' so loud; and I did NOT get that 'kink' after I pulled out dishes from the dishwasher this morning, either!!


I could freely move without excruciating pain even when I messed around attempting to do the 'Twist' (as a 'test' of how far down I could move) bending real low from knees and it all felt wonderful.



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